Interested in an Online Book Club?

ID-10022023I’ve been kicking around the idea of an online open adoption book club for a few months now and, from the response to my very informal Twitter poll, it seems like there is enough enthusiasm to give it a try. Great!

I would really like to hear your ideas about the shape of the book club. There are umpteen different ways to run an online book discussion, each with its own pluses and minuses.

First, what types of books would you be interested in discussing? In the category of books for adults, there are both fiction and non-fiction books dealing with open adoption themes. There are several children’s books out there which include openness, plus many more which address adoption in general. We could focus on just one category, or do a combination of both.

Second, what format would you prefer?  In some books clubs, participants give their thoughts or answer a series of questions on their own blogs, and the discussions happen in the comment sections of those posts. Other times, more interactive conversations about a book happen in a private forum.

If you’re interested in participating–regularly or occasionally, it doesn’t matter–in an online adoption book club, please take a second to answer these two polls:



If you have questions or ideas, by all means, leave a comment or shoot me an email. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes!

About the author:
A mother by open adoption, Heather Schade is the founder and editor of Open Adoption Bloggers. She writes at Production, Not Reproduction.

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